Published Books

Taka Wants to Fly

Author: Irene Berman

Illustrator: Joanna Cooke

Publisher: Penguin Random House; 2020

ISBN: 978-1-43231-068-4

Language(s): English


Raina’s (Un) Happy Birthday

Author: Britta Stromeyer Esmail

Illustrator: Joanna Cooke

Publisher: Balboa Press; 2018

ISBN: 978-1-9822-0367-2

Language(s): English


  • “Beautifully illustrated and eloquently written, Raina’s (Un) Happy Birthday shows that girls, whatever age they may be, have the power to choose how they show and receive love. This is a powerful message for girls and boys and everyone who cares for them.” —Loung Ung, author of Lucky Child and Lulu in the Sky


  • “The storyline is compelling and highly relatable for young children. Best of all, the illustrations are truly magical and beautiful.  Highly recommend.” – Kathryn, Kindle Reviews


  • “A magical story. With extraordinary insight, tenderness, and love, Britta Stromeyer Esmail delivers a timely and empowering message—the importance of voice—to our children and youth. It takes courage for a little one to speak out and stand up to pressure. Raina’s (Un) Happy Birthday provides an example of how to do just that without hurting the feelings of those you love. It’s a lesson that all of us—young and old—can benefit from. I can’t wait to share this beautifully told and illustrated story with my granddaughters!” —April Christofferson, best-selling author of Buffalo Medicine


Arabella Discovers a Magical World

Author: Kate Mayo

Illustrator: Joanna Cooke

Publisher: 2019

Language(s): English